Saturday, December 12, 2020

notes & things | 12/13/20

December seems like a slippery hill, but so far maybe less icy and just kind of muddy.  Thankfully, the snow that they promised overnight, kind of failed to show, or at least to stick.  The week was one that left me feeling a little live wire kind of exposed.  There is the usual trauma of news headlines, but I also witnessed (or more HEARD, then saw the aftermath) of a confusing hit & run crash at the bus stop intersection. It didn't make the news so I'm guessing no one died, but that good news is tempered by the thousands of people dying everyday.  I'm already really nervous about everything, so anything like that is only going to make it worse. December is always weird mental territory for me, and this year, amp that up about 400%.  

I am looking at a couple more days in the library this week, then some time at home.  I'm still trying to decide whether I want to work from home  (I'm quarantining as much as I can before I visit my dad for the holiday)  or just take vacation and am torn, since much of what I need to do offsite can wait til January no problem.  I will have to decide this week which it will be, but either way, I'll be settling in for a week or so before leaving the city for a few days for the first time since September. I am looking forward to getting back before NYE.  I will probably be spending it  at home much as I spent it last year, though that was more by choice than circumstance. I joke every few days about being sad I can't really buy dresses for parties I will talk myself out of going to anyways. 

My plans for that week off include a few household things like organizing my linen closet and my art supplies, all of which I should have done during the quarantine earlier this year but did not. Also making a whole shit load of new chaps that are getting close to being finalized after months of being in limbo.  Normally, I'd be dying for a chance to stay at home, but this year, I feel like I'm getting what I yearned for for the past 20 years, more time at home and less commuting and working, but I just wish it were under better circumstances.  I'll also be plotting new writing projects, since I am, once I've wound up the saga that is unusual creatures, looking to pen something new.  Plus launching feed and making some more swallow series videos before the year is up.

2020 feels like a year that was lost, but actually quite a bit happened within it, but it's hard to put a finger on it without the usual markers and routines.  While all my carefully laid out goals in my shiny new sketchbook then didn't all quite happen, I'll be plotting out new ones over the next few weeks and hoping 2021 brings better things for all of us. 

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