Sunday, September 27, 2020

notes & things | 9/27/ 2020

While I legit don't think we are mid-apocalypse (maybe that comes later with increasing climate change troubles) it's hard not to let anxiety pull me under the bus.  On a global scale, it's troubling, climate wise and covid wise, as even other countries struggle with outbreaks and pulling themselves out of the financial dip of quarantine lock downs.  Also a world that seems to be flooding or on-fire, or any other number of things mother nature throws our way while we are occupied with this other catastrophe. And the US--what can I say about the dumpster fire murderous cops roam free, the headlines are nonsense, and the worst are motivated an reinforced for unspeakable behavior?  Oh yeah, and we are looking at a crazy uncertain election. I try to hope for good, and change, and that evil will be defeated, but it's hard some days when news outlets and social media feeds are filled with all the horrible things that can and ARE going wrong in this country. 

This week, a rash of random crime in the South Loop, general covid anxiey, and worry of protest violence (not really from the protesters, but from other nefarious interlopers who seem to instigate conflict) made it a particularly bad week mental health-wise.  Maybe the thing we assume about apocalypses is that they happen all at once, and disasters do not drag on for months.  For years. I love my city life, but I keep enviously watching people who live isolated in the woods and it seems like a terribly seductive dream.  That is until they have to remove a giant wolf spider from their outhouse.  I am also very jealous of the vloggers I watch who live in places like Canada or Germany and whose lives are still slowly coming back to normalcy out of covid, but are also not dealing with impending civil wars. 

On a smaller stage, things are holding steady.  There are poems and banana bread and I am getting closer and closer to finishing the collapsologies manuscript. I've crested the middle of the mountain of dgp possibilities for next year and library things are beginning to take shape nicely (now that it looks like we can plan a bit further into the semester with less threat of a shutdown--exhibits, zine tutorials, and more. ) I am also excited about my new Patreon adventures, and while my only patron so far is family, I have great plans afoot, including a bunch of new releases for the witching month, as well as a Thirty Days of Halloween bit of promo fun starting Thursday.  Since I've spent the summer and early fall catching up on orders, there will also be a few new dgp releases I've been finishing up afoot to watch out for.

It's been warmer the last few days, but we're heading into a cool patch (and possibly even a cold one by week's end.)  Yesterday, I said goodbye to the summer dresses and hello to the fall stuff, and am ittching to open up the suitcases where I store my sweater dresses.  Hopefully, we get a proper fall and none of this snow on Halloween bullshit from last year.  There are horror movies carefully lined up for the next few weeks and the trees are getting a little bit more yellow up near the tops.   I am ready. 

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