Wednesday, September 16, 2020

eleanor and the tiny machines


I am planning a whole bunch of Halloween related treats in terms of projects and new releases, and since this one was ready (and has actually been ready since around March but Covid put a dent in my plans) I decided to drop it a little early. It's just a lil freebie, but it sets a tone (and prefaces some other things up my sleeve for this season).  I've been sitting on a lot of finished projects and fretting over what to do with all of  them, so maybe the answer is just to get them out there. 

The eleanor series collages actually came first one day while I was playing with some botanical images, and after I had a few, I set to telling a little ghost story (and really with that cover image, what could it be BUT a ghost story?)  I've considered it and the summer house, though they tell different narratives, to exist in the same sort of universe (though actually they wound up in two different book manuscripts (feed and animal, vegetable, montser.) Even still, there are similar threads in each.

It's the perfect little book for this time of year--slightly summer and lush with florals, but with spooky undertones. Enjoy!

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