Friday, May 01, 2020


Today, I woke to rampant sunshine and the feeling that maybe, after a couple false start days, but not even enough of those, that spring may finally be going to happen out there with or without us. And at least without me for another month or so. But at least, it's happening.  On the whole, I'm finding I can feel a little more normal when I avoid the news and social media until later in the day and dive into work--whether that be library or press related immediately when I get up, which sometimes is weirdly very early for me (I'm guessing I finally, after ore than a month have caught up on sleep deficit) or sometimes after a nap due to that early rising. I find I can concentrate best if I turn something on that I enjoy, but doesn't need too much of my attention (I've been revisiting The Office this past week.) So there has been more web-curation, and blog posts, and some other things in the hopper.  When I do read the news it's as troubling, at least nationally, as it was before, even though Illinois seems to continue to be wiser and more cautious than the rest of the country.

Today, a bit of happiness in that my little phone tripod arrived.  It's very little, but I won't be balancing my phone on my laptop stacked on books to get the camera at a good level and then using the other laptop to type if necessary..  After a couple zoom calls on my slow-ass laptops early on, I discovered the phone was my best option, but I 've been improvising set up ever since. Most of the zooming action is hiring interviews for positions that will hopefully still happen even if the future is otherwise unclear.  With another month of this at the very least, I figured I might as well spring for a cheap one.  At worst it would be good for possible OOTD photos into the future post-zoom necessity.  It may even spawn me to stop hanging out perpetually in pajamas.

Nevertheless, we are still in a holding pattern as to whether anything creative will happen during this span of time. I'm becoming reasonably more productive in term on non or semi-creative things.  I can't paint or collage, but maybe I can make a website look less horrible. I can't write a poem really, but maybe I can write about libraries. Baby steps, I suppose. This is normally my most favorite month of the year, but even though we are all stuck at home, I am determined to make it count.


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