Thursday, April 16, 2020

disaster dreams

As I've mentioned, I've been watching a hell of a lot of apocalypse movies.  While the pandemic ones are a little too much right now, I do take some weird sort of comfort from other threats--zombies, aliens, global warming, weather disasters, volcanos, earthquakes, meteors, giant reptiles.   While I wouldn't say I've been bingeing things as I might on weekends previously, I still have more late-night movie watching time than when I'm working late and usually go to sleep as soon as I hit the blankets. Some of them are bad.  Some of them decent . Some of them not at all what I expected.

People have been talking about how crazy and vivid their dreams are during this time, and admittedly, my dreams are pretty crazy and vivid anyway.  Last night's though was a doozie, and long, and very cinematic in it's structure, so I'm pretty sure it's influenced by my recent entertainment preferences  It began with waking up to water pouring down into my apartment, pooling in the ceiling, running down the walls. There was a bit of time in which I kept trying to dial the super, moving things out of danger, and kept wandering what could possibly be happening above me--an overflowing tub, a burst pipe?  It didn't seem to be raining outside, but as soon as I looked out the window, I knew what was up. There was literally water in the courtyard up to about the second story.  The little elderly polish couple who lives in the townhouses across were standing on their roof and trying to launch a boat.  Maybe a sort of  inland tsunami was my first thought.  A building over on the next block exploded and busted every window for blocks.

Water was shooting out of the electrical sockets and this seemed dangerous so I fled, but not before looking outside again to notice that the water was gone, like someone had pulled a plug in the lake a couple blocks away, and it had drained away leaving only carnage in it's aftermath.   But suddenly, instead of an apartment building, I lived in a massive casino hotel and me and other people were running in the lobby as the floor tiles cracked and fell away.  Then we were in the stairwell, which was now also filling with water and fire both at the same time, and the building lurching and crumbling around us. There were other people with me, and somehow, we were on a higher floor in the hotel, but all the entrances were blocked. There was a lot of discussing how to escape, when I discovered a door that led out onto a high balcony, where on another building outcropping below us, there was a pastel colored parade happening with floats and people cheering and no one seemingly away of the building falling down or what was happening in the streets.  Slowly I watched as police entered and  began pushing that crowd off the side of the outcropping and shooting those who would not jump. Right around then I woke up. It took me a bit to get out bed and calm down.  I blame the movies for the plotline, though earlier I had woken up and fed the cats, noticing that somehow it had snowed overnight, enough to coat the roof of the town houses outside the windows without me noticing (so the apocalypse could easily have occurred while I was sleeping.)

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