Friday, November 22, 2019

notes & things | 11/22/19

It was a busy week with Library things, the opening of an exhibit on the 2nd Floor and hosting a Career Center event, but I've had a day off today for working last weekend and slept luxuriously into the afternoon.  Next week is a short one, but I'll be heading to Rockford over the holiday weekend, so am enjoying my downtime this weekend--making books and listening to trashy music today amidst acrobatic cat antics.  Later, I'll make pizza and find some good things to watch. I am still largely ambivalent about holidays in general the past couple of years.  I know my mother's absence has everything to do with this feeling, so hopefully it will go away as years go on. Still, I try to trick myself into having fun by going through the motions. Not sure on decorating this year,  but definitely no tree (see the aforementioned demons) but maybe a new wreath and some lights.   

The weather circled back around, after that cold snap last week, to something more like usual November-ish. Which means if we can hold of true winter through December, it might not be too bad. It's the arctic chill (X) snow cover (X) time length (=) my winter unhappiness.  If any of these are on the lighter side, I can deal with it and don't get too wintery blue. I'm fighting my urge to buy more winter wear, my coping mechanism for staving off those very same blues, especially since coat storage has reached the critical level and it gets harder to pull them from the closet when the rack is too full.

Someone mentioned on social media recently that we are at the end of a decade. Which seems crazy to me since I feel we were just ringing in the new one.  In later 2009,  I was amidst that period of etsy shop holiday season crazy.   I was making decent money selling jewelry, soap, and vintage,  but  I wasn't really writing or making all that much art on my own though.  Things were still hectic on occasion, but my day job less exciting creatively than it is now and more routine. Personally I was sort of lilting romantically from thing to thing and back into bad habits on occasion.  2009-2010 are less memorable with less to show for them.

As for the decade, since then I feel like a better capture of the last 10 years requires it's own entry, so watch for that in the coming weeks.

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