Sunday, July 28, 2019

notes & things | 7/28/19

This month has been slipping away from me with alarming speed, and yet, I am tiring of summer, perhaps the earliest ever in the season.  It's not even August yet, and I am craving fall and somewhat listless  While the heat has been bad a few days in the past couple of weeks, most of it has been reasonably mild in between.  I am just ready for later starts and more productive time in the studios before the day has taken bites out of me both physically and mentally. I work faster and better and more energetic when I haven't spent my day dealing with library (and mostly busy work since my go-to ILL student has been away at an internship and her replacement works less days.)

Lately, I find myself battling frustrations on all fronts at not getting as much done, at not working as quickly as I need to, and have to talk myself off ledges I should not even be on.   The writing has all but slowed to a trickle, and I'm hoping to get back on track in August with some other projects.  I am trying better to live as a whole person and not just a productivity machine (and at this point, a glitchy one at that). I'm struggling to feel in control of things and it's taking both mental and physical toll.

On the home front, there is the bright spot of a pair of new additions to the household--a set of siamese kittens I plan to name Elizabeth Bathory and Lizzie Borden (edit:  I decided to name them after famous sideshow/vaudeville performers, The Hilton Sisters--Daisy and Violet (who were also Siamese  It was supposed to only be one, but the second one was unspoken for and once I caught sight of both of them lying together in the cage Friday, I knew I wouldn't be able to separate them (also, I imagine much Lady in the Tramp sing-a-longs and Parent Trap-like hijinks in our future since they are IDENTICAL. It means at least one additional litterbox and a little more vacuuming no doubt to combat lighter hair, but I've been down a cat since losing Zoe during that terrible traumatic summer of 2017, so we'll see how it goes.  (and I will be posting pics on instagram as soon as I've brought them home.)

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