Saturday, June 01, 2019

the poets zodiac

This week, I fully intend to finish the last few pieces of the poets zodiac, which has been a couple years in the making, and one of things that I pick up and put down on the regular, and one that gets side aside when something seems more pressing.  A couple weeks ago, at Zine Fest, I was giving away the last of the remaining scrolls as a freebie and folks seemed to get really excited about them. I was going to do another round, but am now turning my eyes toward a possible zine or artist book embodiment, especially since I do have the accompanying visuals that will go with them.  Page wise, there will be 48, which could make a full length manuscript, but I think I might like them condensed a bit, more per page, which could work as a chap or zine. Plus, since I am sending feed around, and have another book in the wings, I really don't want to be trying to place another full-length.  So I am reading through and doing cleanup on the existing ones and plotting how they might best be formatted in print. The scrolls and the instagrams are square and I'd like to somehow retain some of that,.  Or maybe instead of multiple pages, a tiny book that's hand bound (it would have to be due to thickness.). There's a bit of editing needed on later ones that haven't been seen in public, but the other ones are mostly good to go.

Strangely, the hardest ones to write may have been the ones for Taurus, maybe because the distance was closer, so more than predictions, I felt a need to make them somehow applicable to my own circumstances.  The winter one, particularly, struck me one day, and it was totally intended to be the Aries one, but about halfway, I claimed it for my own sign.   As true to my ever being the curious skeptic, I sometimes see patterns where other people may only see chaos.  I'm very happy with them as a whole (though for some reason, what's with pisces getting the rough end of things..I don't even know any pisces in real what winter was for all the signs, pisces was taking in every season.) They were a good project to peck away at between some other projects, so the timeline on them spans wider than it usually takes me to finish a project and therefore varies a bit perhaps in tone, which I think works kind nicely.

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