Friday, January 25, 2019

the poet's zodiac

I've finally reached the point where I've completed slightly more than half of the poet's zodiac series.  While last year brought the spring and summer sections, I skipped over fall and went straight to winter, mostly because I was feeling in quite a bleak, wintery mood before the holidays and it seemed appropriate.  As such, the poems are a little darker, no matter the sign and I realized when I posted one of the remaining new summer ones on instagram, what a difference a season makes.

Truthfully, I've been circling the drain the past couple of months and trying to keep myself afloat, but I'm still writing, so I guess that's good. It does not help that we've been slapped with a polar vortex and a load of snow on the ground and these are always the hardest months for me.   Still, even though its full of longing, the capricorn one I posted today was a brighter spot in what these poems are becoming...enjoy...

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