Friday, December 14, 2018

friday obsession | some velvet love

It's the season, of course, for a little bit more luxurious things.  The windows along Michigan Ave are decked out in lots of velvet, glitter, and faux fur.  Though I've been wearing more flannel and sweater dresses to keep warm, velvet is also a winter staple.   I have a few favorite velvet pieces collected over the years (and that I usually wind up hanging inside out in my closet to avoid them collecting large amounts of cat hair floating through the air somehow.)  Last winter, I found this dress on sale at Modcloth, but only still available in a smaller size.  I bought it anyway, thinking it might work, but it was too tight in the bust.  This year, however, they bought back the same dress, only in an even more attractive greyish blue and totally in my size and I snapped it up full price I wanted it so much.  I'm still seeking a fancy-schmancy holiday party to wear it to, but lacking any, might just wear it to work or twirling around in my apartment. (so far, sadly,  every gathering is sort of super casual.)

They actually have many super cute velvet things, and I just might procure the berry colored sleeveless one as soon as I get some holiday money.

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