Monday, November 19, 2018

notes & things | 11/19/2018

Thanksgiving seems inordinately early this year, but it might just be the feeling that another November is fast vanishing down the rabbit hole.  Today, I thought a bus was on fire across the street until I realized they were shooting.  (while the bus was at an odd angle and, as I walked past, I could see it was crashed into a shelter, I realized there was no way that bus would ever be at that angle and that the actual bus shelter was yards and yards away.)  There were puffs of too-white smoke and signs for craft services at the intersection, so I'm guessing it might be the Chicago Fire folks who are occasionally the bane of my existence. Last week, nearby, there was a truck spewing bubbles promoting something, which would have been cool if they hadn't been playing Coldplay.  Yikes.

I am in one of my mad rushes that a shorter week brings before heading out to Rockford Wednesday night.  We have my dad's side gathering happening on the actual holiday and he's going to cook for just us on Sunday. He also mentioned putting up the tree & X-mas stuff, which in theory seems like a good idea, and what we usually did in the past (well, sometimes, my mom would occasionally bypass it and do it later on her own once she had a smaller tree to put together.)  They did it on their own last year, but I am not sure how well I can mentally handle this particular tradition, so we'll see.  Last year it was already up when I came home for the holiday. All those dozens of snowmen kind of make me wish we'd done what she wanted and parceled them off to family so that they weren't just  unbearably there.

I have a million things to do as usual on my way out the door, both library things and press things and trying not to freak out. I actually intend to finish reading the dancing girl inbox and submissions for another contest I am helping read for over the course of the weekend.  So I intend to keep busy  (well that, and shoveling handfuls of stuffing into my mouth...)

I am almost done with rounding up my final version of SEX & VIOLENCE, and will have most everything I need rounded up in early December--blurbs and cover art and such)..the cover is looking to be a re-working of some of the artwork that appeared in /SLASH/ (those poems are in there, too.) We're still working out fonts & layout, but I hope to share it soon.

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