Friday, November 23, 2018

holiday wish list 2018

It is pretty funny that the day to talk about gratitude comes immediately before the day to say gimme! gimme!  gimme!  but I am totally game. I've always been sort of choosy about some things, not at all choosy about others.  Clothes, books, music (back when people used to buy albums) were always difficult to ask for and get correct . Gift cards eventually became a good way to get over the pitfalls when it came to choosing very specific things.  In my own gifting, I tend to either gift card it, or go super general and pick tiny luxuries that people never think to buy for themselves. My dad is pretty easy--coffee, chocolate, random foodstuffs.  My sister usually gets art supplies or liquor of late.  There were years where I tried to make everything, particularly when I had the etsy shop --jewelry and soap, mostly, sometimes artwork., but mostly those only worked for the ladies and I still had to go the gift card route for men.) It usually wound up being more expensive, and not nearly charming enough (except maybe for my mother) to continue

As for me, I have a handful of things I am hinting at and asking for this year, most on the under $30 tip.

bath stuffs

Sometimes the only thing that gets me out of bed and into the shower is the promise of luscious smelling potions and lotions (and maybe my daily raspberry latte).  I've been devoted to Body Shop stuff of late, particularly the satsuma scent for body wash, which I splurged on a giant bottle of this summer that is still pretty full.  I would love to get some strawberry or pink grapefruit as well..  I have a bottle of another floral scent that I was slightly allergic to, but it's now sitting on my sink as rather luxurious hand soap.   Their body butter is always a favorite in winter when my skin gets much dryer than usual. I have a tub of another brand that smells like lemon cake right now, but after it's gone, I'll be getting a tub of the usual.

coffees, teas & boozes

Most week days my coffee comes in latte form, but weekends are for something less ambitious (mostly since I don't want the hassle & clutter of an espresso machine and love my french press.) I'll opt for tea later in the day sometimes, especially if I run out of creamer, but tend toward either Irish Breakfast or Earl Grey  (occasionally flavored mint when I'm sick).  As for coffee, I've become enamoured the past couple years of the Cafe Du Monde Chicory blend from NOLA that is currently my favorite.  I also have a really nice bar cart and barely money to buy liquor, so assorted boozes is always a good option--I'm currently on the hunt for a gin that doesn't taste like pine needles, more varieties of schnappes, and to stock up on more tequila.

library step stool

I've been wanting one of these little library-style kick stools for a while now.  Despite tripping over them constantly in the stacks, I would love to keep one in my closet so I can reach the top shelf where I store my boots.  Now there's a lot of tippy-toe flailing and reaching, and sometimes boot-induced concussions.

fur throw

This no doubt goes back to my Game of Thrones inspired decor leanings last winter.  It helps to combat a chilly, drafty circa-1930's apartment, but is also super luxurious and makes me feel like I'm bedding the King of the North. My sister got me fuzzy leaopard one last year I sepnt my entire holiday break beaneath, but i am looking for a grey one to match my winter bedding.

art supplies

This is an obvious one.  I'm pretty much always in need of printmaking foam, paper and ink.  I mess up a lot, so by the time I get it right, I'm outta everything.   I've also had my eye on a set of Bombay Inks ever since I was doing the ink paintings, as well as these covetable japanese watercolors that I am sure would make me much better at painting than I actually am.

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