Friday, November 09, 2018

friday obsessions | vintage bags

I seem to have an every growing collection of vintage purses picked up over the past decade or so..some whilst thrifting, others on ebay.  Some are things I obtained during my etsy vintage selling days that either didn't sell or that I couldn't part with. There are probably close to 50 total, and the ultimate irony is that I rarely find myself in need of a handbag.  For one, I usually tote the millions of things I carry in a given day in a leather tote or satchel big enough to haul around books and manuscripts, umbrellas and notebooks and all the things I might need.    I have a huge tote for summer and a messenger bag for winter (which works works better than trying to maneuver the tote bag over the shoulders of heavier coats, plus leaves my hands free in case I decide to fall in snow and such). I also have an occasional additional canvas tote if I'm hauling more than usual back and forth to work, studio, and home.

As someone who is a total homebody, I also don't go all that much, and if I do, it's usually when I am already out and about--drinks or dinner or perfomances after work or studio time.  If you get me home, it's very hard to get me to leave.  Thus, my purses languish horribly at home most days, hauled out for special occasions, weddings, funerals, fancy parties, any outing where I don't need to carry quite so much (which is rare). I was going to the movies last week and decided to make sure I took the top photo chenille beauty out for the very first time after owning it about a year, mostly because it looked a little lonely and unused.  Then I got to thinking I should go out more--if only to take the poor little purses out of my apartment. Then I got to thinking about places to take my purses on purse dates, accompanied by others maybe  or just me and the purses, and realized I should probably get out

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