Friday, November 02, 2018

friday obsession | floral inkery

I have long been the indecisive sort when it comes to the permanent or semi-permanent.  There are places and instances where  I crave stability--my job, my apartment, both or which have not changed all that much in almost 20 years or being in the same workplace, the same abode.  Things change within, decor shifts, things moved around, new job responsibilities and adventures.  But there are other things  I wax and wane on--hair color being an excellent example.  After spending ages 19-40 as a brunette of mostly darker persusaions (my natural color is dark blonde) I've spent the last 4 years bouncing back and forth according to whim and now hover somewhere in between, but ask me next week and I'll be dead set on a chocolate brown.

I've always said there are two things I would enter into with extreme care, and therefore, trusted myself to do neither.  One was marriage (which has a whole set of other issues--I'd actually be amenable to the idea of more open marriage, but am more hesitant about the co-habitation part than the commitment part) The other are tattoos, which are usually pretty permanent in a way that makes me uncomfortable.  The past 3 or so years, I've actually firmed up what I would want, and where I would want them, so am pretty much just waiting for life and finances to make them possible.  But even  within what I have decided, there are many options--color vs. black and white, more flowers vs. bigger blooms.  I'm aiming to go first with a forearm piece and then, a shoulder one-peonies most likely, my fave flower, but maybe some other botanicals. Last year, I did some very Taurus test placements with temp tattoos and by the end of summer had settled on the where the what, and have been working out the how this past year.  I've been obsessing a bit on Pinterest as my ideas have taken shape.

I'm hoping to make something happen  in the next few months, so stay tuned..

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