Tuesday, October 30, 2018

writing & art bits | halloween edition

* I'm still working through some little text bits to accompany the strangerie series of collages I finished last weekend, and they are appropriately kind of spooky and Halloween-ish,. You can follow along with the posts over at instagram, where I've also been posting some of the taurus collages (which are also kind of monstery and spooky in their own,  full of labyrinths and modern minotaurs) .

* This one is the only holiday where I come even lose to writing seasonal work, so you can get a good dose of spooky-ness in a couple of new things, exquisite damage a sort of prose poem/lyric essay-ish piece on middle class gothic, and of course, taurus mentioned above and available by subscription over at Chanillo.

* Me and my sister are working on our slenderman-inspired project that will be debuting after the new year. It will probably be some sort of e-chap with her artwork and my text.   You can get in on even more slender man-inspired action by submitting to the Mansion Anthology in the works that dgp will be issuing in April.

* there are still some copies available of /SLASH/ in the shop.  If you are on campus, you can also get a peek at it in the display case on the Library's 1st Floor (part of Beautiful Monstrosities).

*And of course, do not forget poor roadside Mary. She's over a decade old, but it's one of the projects I am still most proud of...

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