Monday, October 22, 2018

notes & things | 10/21/2018

I am behind on my general life updates, so bear with me a bit.  This weekend I have been library-bound, but last weekend included a visit to Rockford for some wedding(ish) party action and some outdoor grilling/campfiring when it's cold enough to actually huddle close to the fire pit.  While there, I started watching Netflix's Haunting of Hill House, which was amazing enough for me to re-join my lapsed Netflix account and start up a second round of viewing, momentarily pre-empting my AHS bingeing (keep an eye out for a future post about this awesomeness.)

Library plans are afoot for next week's horror trivia: women's edition and the following week's film roundtable discussion. .We're also doing our usual Public Domainia showing on Halloween night even though I am doomed to working. Not sure if there will be a costume--I probably have everything I need for something in my closet, but am unsure if its worth the effort.

It's gotten much colder faster than usual and I'm pretty sure it was in the 30's overnight.  this means we've all but skipped jacket weather and now I'm foraging further back into my entryway closet for actual COATS, which I am so not ready for just yet.  I have been ordering tights like a maniac, so I should be set there, having found some really nicely durable and appropriately sized ones on Amazon (including some navy ones exactly the right shade of blue). . I'd pretty much destroyed every pair in the spring to the point where there were holes in every leg and one pair of black ones were holding on in shreds.  I can usually find ones in my size, but like to go a couple sizes bigger to keep them really opaque and riding higher on my waist to not slip down throughout the day (but not so big they bag at the knees and ankles.)

I am very close to finishing up taurus and have been working a few more visual manifestations in my collage-mania this weekend..(see above & below's new series the strangerie).  Since it's all appeared online, I don't know if I will eventually issue it in print with the artwork, or just include the artwork in some of the subscription updates perhaps if the platform supports it, but we'll see how it goes...

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