Sunday, May 06, 2018

notes & things | 5/6/2018

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It seems spring took forever to get here and now it has arrived all at once--everything blooming and green (and as a result afflicted me with a nasty sinus headache, something that doesn't usually happen when spring is more gradual in its reveal (my autumn allergies have always been worse.) This week has begun serious preparation of both the Grimm project and other Zine fest offerings, including the tiny zodiac scrolls. This Friday, during Manifest, we will be unveiling the former in all its glory

In press news, I am still playing catchup in the studio, but am moving further into getting author copies out and on their way at a better clip.Since I am working today, I have some extra studio time this week before I go to work, which will be helpful.  I am working on a batch of May books, as well, that will be debuting this month, as well as a bit more progress on the mermaid anthology which I am can turn more attention to after I get the Grimm completed.

I am continuing my daily poems, at least during the week, including more work on ORDINARY PLANET, which just may be ready in time for Zine Fest (it will probably be the June offering in the Books & Objects Series.  So far, the images are outnumbering the poems, so there is more work to be done there, but I might be able to finish it up by the end of this week. (I've posted a sneak peek at my website.)

I did finish laying out my chief contribution to the Grimm project--my little zine of Hansel & Gretel poems and images and it turned out rather nicely. (see above)

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