Friday, February 16, 2018

notes & things | 2/16/18

While the end of last week bought mountains of snow, the milder temperatures this week have mostly abated it except in the shadiest, darkest spots on the landscape.  Spring feels close enough that I can taste it, but I know that is still somewhat of a delusion at this point in February.

Its been a bear of week that began with general studio mad-fast bookmaking and Tuesday's printmaking workshop , which involved a little bit of Valentines-eve fun (that continued with some flower and pink champagne celebrations later on.) Also,  the good news of the release of Tupelo Quarterly's  latest issue, featuring a good size selection of some past book art projects and samples of both art and poems. The latter half of the week has been attending to some upcoming chapbook business, reading wicked alice submissions,   and prepping for Monday's Breton's Birthday event, which features a book display, some games and activities, and a reading Monday night by some CCC grad students.  I still have some promo and final materials to finish up, but will be pulling a Saturday shift tomorrow, which should give me some quieter, less interrupted time to attend to it.

I will be working, but what I would rather be doing is hiding in my apartment watching Game of Thrones episodes one after the other and hiding under a blacket, but somehow I seem to have an upcoming spate of at least day of the weekend being eaten by work. But by the time I'm done with the next couple weejs, we'll be into march and AWP plans and spring weather and it will be heavenly.

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