Sunday, February 04, 2018

notes & things 2/4/18

The weekend has been cold and snowy and I have been tucked firmly inside,  mostly winding down old binge-watch addictions and starting new ones.(this latter one is based on a podcast and full of morbid details and lovely animations.)  I am making chicken soup weekly and writing (poems and blogs) and drinking way too much of the New Orleans coffee my dad secured for me for Christmas. I really don't want to leave my apartment again until spring, but this week is full of good things like zine night (we're doing scrap zines) and a Book to Art club meeting with more Grimm-inspired action. So I suppose it'll be worth it to venture out.

In writerly news, I had some poems this week in the latest Tinderbox  from the Plath centos, the last of what were picked up last year and the last to be published before I issue it with it's attendant collages this spring for the subscription series. (either in March or April depending on how other projects fare in the next month).  February's issue is the love poems series, HOW TO WRITE A LOVE POEM IN A TIME OF WAR (ie. the Valentine that turned feminist manifesto). I am still transcribing the handwritten stuff from UNUSUAL CREATURES and working on another, lighter, epistolary project.
I'm continuing work on THE HUNGER PALACE, which I'll be posting fragments of weekly in this space.    I've been torn on sending them out to journals, at least the bulk of them, mostly becuase I am sending out pieces from other projects that I feel are more publication friendly.  Like many more prose oriented projects, the segments don't seem to be as strong individually as they are as a whole  I kind if  don't think they would actually get picked up.  There is also something too raw and vulnerable about them to risk rejection. Like wandering out into a snowstorm naked rather than fully clothed.

In the studio,  I am assembling the first copies of the books that were released in early-mid December.  I wanted to get everything ready and on schedule in December, but it means I created a bear for January in terms of author copies, that I am still struggling to get through and out the door, but I am gaining ground. Also, orders I got behind on in December and am still struggling to catch up on (I apologize if you are waiting on something, but it will be on it's way soon.) There are also some new additions in the shop coming down the pipeline (prints, postcards), and already this new mug, which I created in a moment of pure lady rage last week. At first I was just going to make one for me, but then thought it might be cool to sell them and donate some proceeds to something that Republican neanderthal hates--Planned Parenthood.  I've been thinking of doing mugs for some simple artwork and they turned out nicely, so keep an eye out for more.

In the library, I am also planning for our Breton's Birthday event, which will have speakers and readers and surrealist fun.  Also the Apocalypse programming coming in March --the exhibit and the artist panel that kicks off the whole shebang.  We managed to get a huge number of submissions and will begin parsing through them this week and making selections for what will be included. Otherwise, I am slogging through reserve stuff--faculty requests and pulling books and such, but that will no doubt be dying down soon. 

Until next week...

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