Friday, January 05, 2018

2018 books & objects series

Get an entire 2018 series of bookish lovelies delivered directly to your mailbox–including limited edition artist books, chapbooks, zines, & other objects. . Some projects are more text based, some more visual-based, and encompass passions ranging from  old roadside motels, alice in wonderland erasures, gothic family tales, Hollywood ghost stories, Renaissance dog girls, and mythical creatures.  The subscription also includes bonus zines not available elsewhere, including the latest Chicago Cryptozoological Society publications.     See photos for projects from past years.  Subscribe now and you will get a copy of my newest full-length collection, SALVAGE, to  to be followed periodically throughout the year with projects that incorporate both image and text (both verse and prose and usually a little of both.) the perfect gift for yourself or your favorite writing or art lover. You will also get a bonus copy of my forthcoming collection, LITTLE APOCALYPSE, due out later this year from Noctuary Press after it is released. 

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