Saturday, December 02, 2017

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It is my final weekend stint in the library, so I've been working away at the very end of the dgp submission inbox and hacking away at decisions.  It's always those last few spots that are the hardest to decide upon (a tip to submit earlier in the reading period when things are much less dire.)  We can spill a bit into January, I suppose, though I don't like to accept things for to far away in the scheme of things. Tomorrow, I am planning to spend the whole day on finalizing the latest books and starting new layouts.

I did manage, in the chaos of this week, to put the finishing touches on the new manuscript and send it off into the submission hinterlands in time for the deadline I was aiming for. It entailed a couple of late nights with a red pen  (well, later than my usual 2am bedtime) but it's done. There were also snow globes (involving zombies and giant snakes) and planning out the murder mystery for next week based loosely on the death of Peg Entwistle, who leaped from the Hollywood Sign in 1932. (A suicide--though in my version a murder perpetrated in a tangled web involving an aging starlet, a handsome playboy, a gross Weinstein-like producer, a stakery ex-husband, and a treacherous best friend. )  I am enjoying the process just as much as I did for Horror Prom, and this one is both easier (becuause my teasers are just real news clippings and there is less to manufacture) and trickier to plan (this time participants get assigned parts to play.)

The semester is quickly slipping down the incline and will be gone before we know it.  I need a break, like a decade long break.  Like a life break, but I'll have to settle for a few days between Xmas and New Years instead.   I am ready to say goodbye to 2017 if I can survive it.

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