Wednesday, November 22, 2017

a new look

I've been working on snazzing up ye old webpage a little with a more image driven-look..the lightbox images will perhaps change on a regular basis depending on what I'm working on and what I'm promoting.  And of course, getting near the end of the 2017 makes next year all that much closer and little apocalypse's release all that much sooner, which  means I'll be turning my attentions to promoting that and organizing a release reading (there is a beautiful new bookshop just opened in the Fine Arts and I'm thinking I would love to have it there if I can arrange it. )

Meanwhile, I haven't written in weeks and am not sure when it will come back.  I am supposed to be finishing up the /slash/ poems.  I am supposed to be finishing up that new manuscript and sending it off to an open reading period that ends in November. I'm supposed to be doing a lot of creative things I am not doing.  But I've been playing catch up on press details and work stuff despite the fact that blew two whole productive days in a college-wide mandatory training workshop (and the rest of the time dying slowly from having to be up 9-5 for two days straight).  I do have a weekend shift next weekend in which I plan to finish laying out all the 2017 dgp titles remaining.  I've been making my way through the last of the submissions for next year and might be able to get responses out by my December 1st deadline. 

It's Thanksgiving tomorrow and I'll I kind of want to do is hide out for a few days, but instead anm Rockford bound this evening and will be out there for a couple days.  It will be strange without my mother in the mix, and I'm not sure I'm feeling very holiday festive this year of all years and kind of just want to skip the holidays entirely (not possible really, but tempting.)

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