Sunday, December 04, 2016


I once again apparently slipped down the rabbit hole and December has spit me out once again.  I've mostly been buried in a Library award application the past few weeks -both actually working on it the library and plotting it in my head outside the library., and barring the brief reprieve of Thanksgiving break (for which I was actually mostly suffering a cold), I finally was able to wrap it up on Friday and fingers crossed, the library (and Aesthetics of Research) might get some recognition for the things we do.

Which of course now means we return to the regular schedule of chapbook making, responding to the last few summer submissions, christmas shopping, arting and writing (hopefully) and winding down the semester. I'm feeling a little ragged around the edges--some general money stuff (the usual stretching dimes and fretting), some unfortunate things happening to friends (muggings, evictions) , and for me though less serious but just annoying,, a busted key stuck in the lock of my building that just broke off in my hand. (Never a good omen and $50 for a replacement.) And worse, December, which is finally bringing it's first snow. Or DUMPING, might be the appropriate word since it looks kinda harsh out there.  I always say these last two months of the year are just about surviving--getting through til January.  This year seems to be no different.

While I am making up a huge batch of chaps right now that released just before the holiday, there is another big batch on the way out and I may start the new year a little more on schedule than usual.I feel like I need to get back at chipping away at other projects I've been neglecting--mostly my own-the Dali series, other small things.  In good art news, I did manage to get some pieces into the Elgin's Side Street Studio Arts KRAMPUSLAUF! show and am currently working on some little accordian books for florographia. 

Yesterday, I binge-watched the entire Gilmore Girls revival, but today, I am library bound. I did get to set up a new display devoted to handmade gifts in the display case and making our little ARTISTREE on the wall nearby, which may just be about all the holiday decorating I can mange this year unless I catch a whim to haul out my own tree (not particularly feeling like this will happen.)  I did just find a random pack of Hot Chocolate in my desk, which is about as exciting and festive as it gets, I'm afraid.

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