Tuesday, June 14, 2016

notes & things

1 )My copies of SALVAGE are now on their way into my hot little hands as of this morning.  I am super excited for the release and will hopefully try to plan some sort of release reading in the coming months.   The icing on the cake is that I received word yesterday that Noctuary Press wants to publish my latest manuscript, LITTLE APOCALYPSE, in  early 2018--my little romp with post-atomic life, underground living, and zombie girls. I realize how crazy fortunate and lucky I am-- not only to have one super supportive press buoying my work, but like three of them (Noctuary, Black Lawrence, and Sundress.).

2.) In the realm of new creative things, I've been working on some collages to go along with the DIRTY BLONDE poems (see above), which likely manifest as some sort of zine project down the line.   I've been playing with vintage shampoo ads and working digitally, which I am really digging lately.  Also more, flower painting (mostly acrylics now), which has become a sickness almost, but I am enjoying my weekends working on them.  In poetry, I'm sort of treading water and still working (mentally anyway) on the Dali-inspired pieces.  My discipline for writing has been shit lately, but I am willing to let it go for awhile, especially since I am accomplishing  a lot visually.

3.)As we close in on the middle of the submission period for dgp, I am set to start reading manuscripts in the next week or so.  I am excited to see what this summer has bring, and will no doubt be wrestling with some tough decisions.  Already, the pile is closing in on 200, so it's time to get to work. We'll have new books releasing from Mary Lou Buschi, Wendy Vardamen & Sarah Busse, and Sarah Adams soon, so watch the shop for those...also, Colleen Barry's THE GLIDDEN POEMS, which is a little deck of poems in an envelope.

4.) There is another interview up at Cowfeather Books, as well, in which I talk about design process and book arts. Enjoy!

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