Monday, April 25, 2016

Today there was a giant dragonfly outside my bedroom window and a giant bouquet from my bestie when I arrived at work. Both good omens for the year, I would think.  I've been busy over the last couple of days working on some new prints for the shop of the Catalogue Series---bunny moths and deer women and airborne turtles.  That particular series, which just started with me messing around with digital collage last summer at my desk in the library, has turned out rather lovely and I look forward to doing more (also useful, they've adorned two dgp covers, produced three zines, and provided some really cool one off prints I'll be framing and selling in the shop thei summer on old vintage book pages ).

In the realm of new work, there are also some new designs with dried flowers  (I think with all this springishness and blooming, I've become a bit of obsessed with florals in general.)  Though it's been a cool spring, the trees and the tulips are beginning to come around to the right way of thinking.  Even the magnolias in front of the catholic school pulled through (even though our snowstorm a couple week's back turned their edges a little brown.)

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