Tuesday, September 01, 2015

So once again, I find myself at the end of summer, and once again, trying to determine exactly where said summer vanished to, but this season has actually been quite full with summertime things like cookouts and camping trips, road trips and ice cream. We've reached a bout of steamy hot doldrums, so I am actually pretty anxious for fall to get here, having already switched out my summer clothes for fall ones and  set my mind toward very.serious.projects. which include finishing both the dirty blonde manuscript and the apocalypse book. Which includes more art projects and crafty things for the shop.  Which include the  mermaid project and more decisions on chaps for next year's series. Which includes other things I may have up my sleeve in the vein of the very serious and not so serious.

I'm in Rockford this week for a little vacation before plunging headlong into the new semester, preparations for which have been hectic with the reserve morass and plotting interesting and fun things for the Aesthetics of Research .  I am looking forward to having my morning's free, since I'll be logging studio time early in the day when I'm fresher and more productive than  I am after working 8 hours. Meanwhile for the next week, I'll be napping and thrifting (see above) and maybe some writing..see you on the flip side...

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