Saturday, July 18, 2015

Today, the heat broke in a magnificent storm and downpour, but by this evening the sun had reappeared.  I slept forever into the afternoon with the fan on me, recuperating from a week in which late nights kept me up (in a good way) and early-ish mornings offered no reprieve. I'm mostly recharging this weekend, organizing and cleaning.  Maybe some writing, maybe some reading. So far I've eaten an entire pound of strawberries and organized some clothes into underbed bins.  We've reached t the mid point of summer where I inevitably get a little nostalgic for fall sweaters, but I will not be deterred.

I am still working on squeezing as much out of summer as I can, including last weekend's camping trip that included s'mores and tequila and a remarkably comfy air mattress. There was also some more thrifting which procured me some more dried flower frames, a metal cocktail shaker, a vintage blue floral serving plate, and a NWT cream colored dress in the perfect size.  Also a trip to Monroe (see photo above) for cheese and petit-fours and gourmet sodas.

I've had some good writerly things happening of late, including an acceptance for some blonde joke poems in a print journal for early next year; (in addition to the one that appeared at HOUND recently)  a review of major characters in minor films @ Atticus Review, and some early prep for the release of my Black Lawrence book next spring.   I've mostly been playing catch up with press orders  & author copies this week, but I'll be delving into new layouts this coming week.   Until then...

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