Friday, May 29, 2015

Another early summer weekend, and I have already made much of May, backyard cook-outs and lakeside weddings and tiki bar expeditions.  This weekend will be a quieter one, with a little mexican food/margarita action tonight, but probably mostly just housecleaning and mental mantainance this weekend.   April was a bear and May still had me running, so I need a two day span of solitude to recoup.  Otherwise, it's the usual layouts and cover designs and maybe a little writing when the wind is right. It's been raining all afternoon, and muggy. but it's supposed to clear to more mildness later. It's still my favorite time of year, summer, but not quite yet summer, but not really spring.    In a couple weeks, I have a weekend in Iowa planned, a short camping trip to Wisconsin, talk of a possible Michigan visit in July, then Independence Day hi-jinks, then a short vacation August,  and then like that it will probably be over and deplorable winter again.  But I am taking refuge and solace in these early sunrise-mornings, these long, lingering evenings.  In my routines after I get off work at 7pm and still actually have some daylight left at the end of the day..

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