Wednesday, April 08, 2015

some writing news, some thrifty goodness

Yesterday, while idly paging though facebook and a bit glum about missing out on all the social fun of AWP, I got the amazing news that BLP wants to publish salvage (aka the mermaid-ish book I finished in the fall of last year.)  It's my 6th full-length project and my second book with BLP, who did a beautiful job with girl show, so I'm very excited.  It's looking like it will be due out next May, so there will be all sorts of preparations for the end of this year to get ready for that.

I had a couple extra days at home after Easter since my travels plans were canceled, so I've spent some of it hitting the thrift stores (I missed out both previous trips to Rockford because of my leg/back issue.)  So far, I've only uncovered one scarlet cardigan in the clothes arena, but did find some bowl matches to a floral yellow vintage plate  I adore (above), as well as a couple other robins egg blue bowls.  Spring always makes me for nest-like and wanting to buy things and do projects on the homefront than at any other time of year.  Soon I'll be throwing the windows wide and airing out the cobwebs, both physically and metaphorically.

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