Friday, March 13, 2015

We have hit a spate of glorious 50 degree days this week and it looks to continue.  I haven't yet forgone my coats and boots, but it's incredibly nice to be able to meander outside and not constantly be rushing to get indoors as soon as humanly possible.  I am mostly in the thick of pre-AWP preparations, including finishing up and designing covers for the 5 or so books that will be making their debut at the conference (most of our April books) as well as a couple of titles still slated for March release.  I am hoping to keep well to my schedule of getting things done early to avoid that last minute crazy rush ( that will allow me to really enjoy other things like the release reading for MCMF, a trip home for Easter to my parents (where I will be depositing the cats for a week or so), and some other smaller stuff that will be happening around then.   After the conference there are things like a family bridal shower planning (I am making the invites) my birthday, and a lit mag reading all before the end of April. I am determined to enjoy spring after the monstrous fuckery that was winter, so I have vowed to not get overwhelmed to the point where I miss the season entirely.

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