Thursday, January 15, 2015

Despite my ever persistent grumpiness, I have been quite productive this week, finishing up preparation for chaps from Lori Lamothe, Danielle Pieratti, and Alessandra Bava, which we all be out by early next week.  I've also been chopping away at spring reserves, feeling out programming and content for the Aesthetics of Research project, and doing some early prep work for AWP, including the above postcard design.  I've also been whittling away on a new shop layout that will be unveiled in February, as well as all sorts of new art & crafty goodness (all the things I bought supplies for making for the open studio I had to cancel when I was laid up in December--new jewelry, japanese paper flasks, cufflinks, paperweights, & more...)

Incidently the artwork above is part of the strange machine series, the poems for which I am humming along on (well, I call two writing days humming along).  The collages, along with the finalized text, will eventually be a zine eventually.  In other zine news, I am also proofing dreams about houses and bees which will be under construction soon. Stay tuned...

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