Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Admittedly, 2014 started with a whimper and ended with a thud (sick cats, food poisoning in the summer, this damn pinched nerve the last month and a half). But there was lots of goodness in there too.  I went back to my natural haircolor (well a slightly better version of it).  I traveled to Seattle by train and had an amazing time at AWP.  Saw parts of the country too beautiful for words(Montana and oy, The Cascades). Prattled away at a new art zine project each month (well fell behind and am still prattling on with some of them, but it was productive year compared to any before.)

dgp turned 10 this year and published a whole slew of amazing titles (with more to come this next year, plus another trip to AWP/Minneapolis in April)  Black Lawrence released my 4th book, girl show. I co-curated the Aesthetics of Research series at the library (which has even better things in store for 2015). Ate lots of mexican food and margaritas and various other cocktail goodness.  Bid adieu to some romantic loose ends and got some closure. There were lots of shiny pretty things like vintage brooches and paper and dresses and new shoes. New kittens, new friends, watercolors, and a mild, coolish summer that was lovely and not too humid .  And though the year ended with a limp, I also managed to finish up the salvage manuscript and send it off.  Did a handful of readings, had some poems appear in very good places. Am right this minute awaiting the impending release of major characters in minor films. Am very close to also finishing up the poems for the apocalypse mss and working away at the hotel poems, plus another couple of smaller series.

As for resolutions and such nonsense, They are pretty much the same every year, and some years I am more successful than others. I would still like to blog more, read more novels, take more pictures.  Write more, as always.  Go on more walks.  Go to the beach more.

So tonight, celebrating with pizza and raspberry hot chocolate and writing I say clear out 2014, and may the next year be more of the good stuff and far less of the bad...

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