Thursday, February 13, 2014

the aesthetics of research

Tonight, in conjunction with the CAA Conference, the library is hosting a number of exhibits, including one I helped put together on the place of research in art practice.  We tapped a few mediums--comics, book arts, fashion, but my contribution was some of the poems from girl show, probably my most research intensive book, and a handful of the spectacle series collages (one of which graces the cover of the book itself.) I liked putting together the bibliography, the process of going back through my notes and reading lists at from that period, especially in light of the book release happily corresponding with the exhibit.

While I don't think any of my projects have involved quite as many library sources as that one, I do still even now rely on internet research, source texts, and such.  The latest little chap, terrestrial animal, involves some re-appropriated text from marketing materials selling cold-war era underground houses. I've been researching route 66 roadside attractions for another project.  Using another volume as inspiration for another series of poems. Older stuff, like archer avenue,  errata, and the Cornell project, all involved research and other texts in various ways. 

I suppose it's inevitable given the amount of time I've spent in libraries during my entire day job work history. (which has pretty much only been libraries, first at the elementary school and then at the college level). All that time spent among the shelves and in front of the computer, it's no wonder it's rubbed off on me.


Brita said...

Kristy, I saw this exhibit on Tuesday and thought it was a fascinating concept. Did you base it on a similar exhibit elsewhere? What was the reception from the CAA conference attendees? Did it take a lot of effort/convincing to get submissions, or did students come forward willingly?

Thanks for the lovely exhibit!

kristy bowen said...

Brita--it's our first go, so we had a mix of staff and some recent alumni that were pulled in that we know were using library resources to make things. I'm sure it's been done elsewhere and we're not the first to think of it, though...We'll be switching it out as we go with new participants, so hopefully we will get some willing submitters in addition to people we solicit work from....:)