Sunday, January 26, 2014

dgp news & notes

We are beginning our countdown to AWP Seattle and already, we are so very excited about what's to come.  We've been designing promotional materials, finalizing our author signings schedule, coralling four of our readers for an awesome reading with many other women focused and run presses, and colluding with fellow panelists for our panel on publishing women.    We've been stocking up on paper and ink and cardstock and am ready to begin the serious work of  massing a good stock of books for the table.(We plan on having several copies of books from the 2012-2013 series, but will only have limited earlier titles, so it's best to find us early if you're seeking something out that's older.)  We will also be be sharing alot of our pre-conference prep and train journey out there (with photos!) on the FB page. so keep an eye out there for more...Rumor has it there may be some swag and special sales and giveaways happening as well.  I'm also working on our special edition project, [carriage return], which will be debuting at the conference.

We've already plunged into the new year with some new books, including some titles rounding out the 2013 series (by Laressa Dickey, Molly Curtis, Zoe Dzunko, Jenn Marie Nunes & Carol Rowntree Jones) as well as started our 2014 season with Kathleen Kirk's Interior Structure:  Poems in the Voice of Camille Claudel, which was created in conjunction with The Columbus Dance Theatre.  We debuted KC Trommer's The Hasp Tongue, Carrie Bennett's Animals in Pretty Cages, Lindsay Lusby's Imago, and Tara Mae Mulroy's Philomel over the last few weeks and have started out the 2014 season with a bang.

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