Thursday, January 02, 2014

hello, 2014

(view from dgp headquarters)

Today. I braved the snow and the cold and the gray and am back in the studio again, with a whole bunch of orders and author copies to get wrapped up and on their way, plus some stocking up for AWP.  Amidst all the resolutioning everywhere on blogs and on the facebooks, I can't say that I have any more than the usual general ones to be happy, healthy(er) and productive.  Specifically, I would like to read more novels maybe, finish projects I have the supplies for but never get to.  Finish all those little loose ends of things in terms of my own creative projects. (I'm thinking the zine series will go along way towards giving me a deadline on these.)  Maybe actually pull-off some of the shop things I muse over in my more crafty moments. Perhaps, travel more (this will actually be feasible with the Seattle trip this year.)    Always, I think I'd like to blog more, take more pictures.  Pay attention more.  My head sometimes becomes this swirling cyclone of ideas and stress and plans and I would love to be able to not get so caught up in it that I forget the bigger picture and being more present, more in the moment.

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