Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It was an early morning this morning, mostly because I went to bed very early last night and was awake long before dawn.  But there was some sun for awhile before it clouded over, and walking down Michigan, I really just wanted to curl up in the light like a cat and take a nap.  This time of year, good daylight seems far too scarce to be wasted. I am mostly in the process of last minute things before the holiday, book orders to go out, layouts to be finalized, ways to have things ready to go when I arrive back in town.  I would have loved to be caught up on books going into the new year, but there are a handful of stragglers that will debut in January in addition to some new ones.  Before I leave, I need to write a review I promised, make decisions on the typewriter anthology pieces, and queue up the winter wicked alice updates for the next couple of weeks. 

I've been excited all week by my good book news re; major characters in minor films, which was accepted by Sundress Publications and will be out in early 2015.  It's a mix of verse and prose poems, about 50/50 and contains stuff written as early as 2006 and as late as 2012, so it's a big span.  It also feels very full-circle, what with Sundress' cornerstone journal, Stirring, being one of the first litzines to publish my work way back in 2001.  In other news, things are still plugging along on the landscape poems, though I may be cheating on them just a little with a new, sexier, series of poems (they are, in fact, poems about sex ).  They might be just a fun little thing, but I also have some plans underway for a hybrid manuscript I've been meaning to get to, so it'll be nice to have some time off work to really dig in. 

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