Monday, July 15, 2013


In my efforts to get more clothes for less money, I was lucky enough last time I was in Rockford to pick up this most gorgeous sweater, the very perfect blue/grey shade I'd been looking for at a mere $2.99 unworn with the tags still attached.  There were two others (a black with grey embroidery and a white sheer crochet one, but this is by far my favorite.)  A while back, I was also pretty successful at some of the Mississippi stores, mostly since people really don't seem to be buying up all the awesome knitwear when you pretty much have year long summer.  I managed to score a brown shirtdress, a straw tote (a replacement for the bag with the broken handle I took with me), and a pretty amazing overnight bag I've been using for shorter trips that don't require a suitcase.  

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