Monday, July 22, 2013

notes, etc.

1. Thankfully, the heat broke over the weekend, so I'm planning on being ever so much more productive than last week (I kept having to call it an early night when it was too warm to work without losing my mind.)  So, thus I'll be playing catch up all this week and mostly doing some production rather than design work which is actually nice since I don't have to think much and just work with my hands.

2.  The weekend was 1 part bookmaking and an equal part napping all day on and off Sunday, which of course means there was very little happening in the creative productivity department. (I'd meant to dive back into the ghost landscape poems.)  I did arrive home on Saturday to a big stack of loveliness in the form of my author copies of beautiful, sinister.  I plan on doing some sort of giveaway in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned...

charcoal and sage
3.  Because I spent a lot of late last week longing for cooler temperatures, I did turn an eye toward fall and its wardrobe possibilities.  (as if I need to buy more clothes..)  I spent some downtime fleshing out my little pinterest board in terms of color combinations and things I'd like to wear / hunt down this fall.  Also, some time at Polyvore, playing with some color combos. 

4.  I did manage to send out another batch of acceptances for the 2014 series yesterday afternoon.  We'll be introducing all of our newest acquisitions on the facebook page throughout the summer, so check them out..

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