Wednesday, June 05, 2013

I've been playing a bit with Mosaic Maker again and thought I'd make one up with some recent cover's I've designed over at dgp this spring and summer.  Lots of science-ey inspired things and there will actually be more fun with diagrams soon. (Kara Bollinger's Attachment Theory).  This week, I've been wading a bit into the pool of submissions for next season and already I've found a few things that I definitely want to take on, as well as a handful I am still on the fence about (it's usually like this..I fall absolutely in love with some things immediately, and others I like to read through a couple times before I'm sure. )  We are only mid-stride in our reading period, so keep it coming.
Otherwise, there are good things on the horizon (plans to submit the apocalypse series, coconut smoothies, new sundresses, awesome sandals, sy-fy show binge watching) but also annoying things (possible jury duty, chilly weather, laundry).
but so it goes...

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