Wednesday, May 15, 2013

notes, etc..

1. Jillian Mukavetz was kind enough to interview me for a profile up at Women's Quarterly Conversation in which I talk about some of the work in my upcoming book girl show and various randomness...

2. I got a bit behind in my 365 Days Project due to batteries in my camera --or the lack thereof and the necessary funds to purchase said batteries (I keep having weird little things gobbling up my disposable cash--candy colored nail polish, ballet flats, purple cardigans.)  But I am once again fully powered and posting daily pics.  I'm finding that it has me looking for interesting and beautiful things, and more to the point, noticing such things at all.

3)  Next Tuesday night, I'll be reading with some other fine poets (including a handful of dgp-ers) in Logan Square for Excalibur:  A Suturing of Body and Mind.  There are also a couple of other things
coming up in June, including a stint at W4tB...

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