Monday, April 01, 2013

the cruelest month, 2013 edition

Another easter and way, way too much chocolate later, I find myself with a couple more days away from the library and general life chaos.  The snow seems finally have dwindled here to a manageable amount (no doubt it's completely gone in the city) and we've even had a couple days that topped out at 50 degrees.  I've been doing nothing much but getting my mom hooked on the first season of Supernatural and sleeping a lot.  But it's April, and you know what that means, NaPoWriMo  come round the bend.  I waffled a couple of weeks ago with possibly joining the fray, but April is always one of those crazy, crazy months with (still) finishing up tax stuff, more poetry-related things than usual, plus my birthday festivities squeezed in at the end.  There may also be a possible Mississippi jaunt (and hopefully a daytrip to New Orleans,) that very last week. Usually, I fail with my daily poems about mid month. It's always tempting to try, though, and last year, I did get some really good pieces for the mermaid poems (I also got a lot of crap..) but I am always tempted to give it a whirl.  Lately I've been trying to write a little something everyday on the weekdays at least, but who knows how long I can keep it up without it making me nuts.  So in lieu of daily poems, perhaps I'll just post some snippets of things I've been working on.  stay tuned...

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