Wednesday, April 24, 2013


After spending the entire day on the road, we arrived in Gulfport late last night, and then settled into our hotel a couple towns over in Bay St  Louis.  Even with some storminess and some rain, the weather was far kinder and milder than the Midwest, so I can't exactly complain . The coast is dotted with lovely buttermint colored stilted houses and shrimp boats and endless expanses of empty sand.  Also, so many ghostly steps and driveways and foundations from Katrina.  It feels like a haunted place, maybe not by people, but by it's own architecture...the overgrown empty lots of bent trees nestled next to houses that are stronger, higher, bigger than their past incarnations.

We'll be at the hotel til tomorrow when its back to my aunt's in Gulfport and then maybe some poolside lounging, some birthday cheesecake, maybe some seafood for dinner.

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