Sunday, February 03, 2013

Winteryness again, complete with sludgy sidewalks and bitter cold wind. Now is about the time when winter wears out it's welcome entirely (as if it ever was welcome). I am, however, making good use of the snow boots I purchased so reluctantly. This week, I have lunch dates to look forward to, new summerish dresses in the mail, library orders to get out, new books to design, and maybe some new poems. I spent the weekend working on the bathroom & linen closet, which are now sparkly clean and organized. Last week, I finally managed to get the bookshelves under control somewhat (I also managed to find a couple shrink wrapped books I'm pretty sure I got at AWP 2007 and then got lost in the morass.) For someone who works in a library and can pretty much access books anytime I want, I feel like I have too many, especially novels that once read, I'll probably never pick up again. I did however, dispense of some old obsolete reference tomes, which means I have more shelf space to fill on the poetry shelf, so I'll probably be less frugal in purchasing than I have been. Which of course, only makes things worse..

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