Tuesday, January 08, 2013

oh january,

why do you persist in being so dreadful and impossible? In addition to the cold weather, today has been nearly as crappy as yesterday, complete with broken CTA passes, pokey underwires, and technological malfunctions. Tonight, at least I should be able to get some work done in the studio (I'm waiting on more ink) and some more orders out the door. Last night was a wash on the productivity front, but I did get my cozy new winter boots and made some excellent chicken & bell pepper fajitas when I got home, so it improved immeasurably. I'm always moody this time of year, so minor issues can set me into tail spin of crankiness I wouldn't bat an eyelash at in summer (such cranky is usually only mitigated by chocolate and sometimes even that does not work.) Otherwise, I am polishing off details on a few upcoming titles and trying to get something like a schedule together on winter/spring releases that I have lined up. There are so many books by so many authors and they are so very amazing, I can't wait to show them to you.

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