Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Today, there are strange candy canes, strawberry cream cheese slathered bagels, and finalizing several projects I'd like to get under wraps before I head out on Saturday. Last night, I was working on the above image in the studio for one of the January books, Margaret Hanshaw's Yellow Ripe. I am amazing well-prepared for the start of the new year in terms of the press and it's schedule. I have a couple of stragglers, but we're primed to go for 2013. I will also be turning my attention, book-wise, toward radio oculari, and perhaps sending some visual/text pieces out both for a journal and an upcoming art show. I'd love to have it done in January, but we'll see how it goes. There is apparently bad weather on the way, which of course, hits right about the time I was thinking of starting my Christmas shopping efforts, which means I might have to wait til the weekend to actually get any of it done..(yay for last minute procrastination!)

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