Saturday, December 29, 2012


was a year filled with art & design endeavors and new poems and all manner of related goodness--readings, open studios, panels, art shows and book fairs. A year of black and white kitties, Friday night margaritas, mermaid poems, zine projects, trashy Stephen King novels, nightly walks, strawberries, submission reading, paper flowers, sundresses, bittersweet impossible relationships, ballet flats, chapbook printing marathons, raspberry lattes and and bacon and egg sandwiches aplenty. I turned 38. I finished four small writing manscripts and one larger one (all but one of which has either been published already or found a good home.) I took to cooking more and eating more fruit and salads and gave up regular soda, which has dropped me a few dress sizes and no doubt gotten me much healthier. (Though, b/c I spend less on takeout, I've spent more money on dresses and shoes and sweaters to the point where closet space is becoming a problem again.)

In 2013, my resolutions are the usual ones: Be productive. Be healthy (or healthi-ER anyway). Be fearless. Be in the moment more. Lets hope every year I get a little closer to fulfilling them...

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