Sunday, October 28, 2012

I am continuing to push through the fall weather doldrums (the barren point at which most trees have lost their leaves and everything is brown and grayish and terribly uninteresting) and immersing myself in so many projects I can't keep everything straight. First there is the chapbook manauscript of moon poems I'd like to finish and submit by Weds. Also the unusual creatures collages (see below) that I need to have in their frames this week for another library show ( the box project and text pieces will come later, but the images, or at least some of them, need to be done asap to get them on the walls). I also have a bunch of author copy orders and the assembly of Fascicle, which means getting everything trimmed and in their boxes and on their way. Yesterday, I mostly napped alot, made pasta, and then went to another Halloween party (at which I drank way to much Stella Artois and am today tired and sluggish.) Later I am planning grocery shopping, pizza making, and horror movie watching. This week, more Halloween and Day of the Dead festivities at work. I do have my weekends free for a couple weeks to the middle of the month, which is nice, though I feel like time speeds up during the holidays and the end of the year will be here before we know it.

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