Sunday, October 07, 2012

from Pinterest

It's finally getting colder and I had to pull my black coat from the studio closet where I stuffed it away in March. Today, I am attempting to organize my bedroom closet into something like funtional and finally moving all the summerish dresses toward the back and the winterish ones forward. plus trying to persuade myself to wear some of the ones I rarely do, simply becuase I keep rotating the favorites. I also have my eye on some new lovelies, but I need to wait til they go on sale or until I have more money in my bank account, whichever comes first. And then there are the shoes, of which I need to do a serious purge on the overly heeled one's I never wear at all (if I were driving they would be fine, but they are way too uncomfy for the amount of walking to and fro I do.)

Otherwise, I am mostly sleeping, reading, and watching a little of season 2 of Walking Dead on Netflix, which reminds me that I need to start queuing up my Halloween horror list as we get closer..

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