Friday, October 12, 2012

Another week, another Friday. I have been making last minute preparations for tonight's open studio, which mostly means cleaning up the book-making tornado that seems to have hit the past few weeks, which entailed paper trimmings about a foot deep beneath the work table, 4 empty coffee cups, multiple strewn envelopes, a half dozen empty boxes, and about about 30 unfilled covers. Since I've been focused on the poem stuff of late, I don't really have anything new or exciting to debut tonight beyond some of the book fair leftovers from this summer (many of which I am still waiting to post in the online shop, including new prints from the shipwreck collages and a whole bunch of bookmarks of various images). Days, weeks, entire months seem to be getting away from me. I realized today that it's about time to get started on an art project that I first concieved about a year ago, and beyond scanning in some images for old cabinet cards, I haven't done much else with them in the meantime. I'd like to say the whole thing was germinating in my mind the past year, but it's more that I just hadn't had much time to think about it and it was overrun by the day to day.

I would love to undertake & finish projects maybe on a monthly basis, this month including the moon poems and the radio ocularia images. Also make some new crafty things with the supplies I've been hoarding, but time gets swallowed up in the day to day, in library tasks, in books, in bus rides and random errands. And sleep, which is a thing I need more and more of as the weather turns colder. In the summer, I'm usually hopping from bed bright eyed and bushy tailed, but now, I have to bribe myself with coffee to even get out of it, let alone into the shower and dressed (and that doesn't always work.) I did hear the radiators kick in at dawn this morning for the first time this season, that endless clunking followed by warmth and definitely didn't want to get up when my alarm went off at 8. I'm also hungrier when I'm colder, which is annoying when I'm stuck at work so late and am starving by the time I get out of here, let alone an hour later when I get home...One of our former student workers, who had been living in San Francisco, was talking about the low there usually being in the 50's at most. If it weren't for potential earthquakes, I could SO deal with that.

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