Saturday, September 22, 2012

Another early Saturday morning in the library, but I do have a double chocolate muffin and some coffee, so I'm content. It's been dreary and raining and fallish the past couple of days. I am determined to pin down the final version of girl show for Black Lawrence today, as well as maybe work a little on another shorter project. I am also making plans for our next open studio event the second week of October (providing I can actually find the floor and counters amidst all the paper trimmings and chapbook fixings.) In other non-poetry crafty related undertakings, I am working on some more vintage costume jewelry hair accessories, bobbies and headbands and maybe some new soaps (I have some lemon lavender base that's been sitting around for awhile that I've yet to cut into bars and package since I'm trying to think up a new packaging scheme.)Since the press has been going full throttle since the second half of last year, my crafty urges have taken a backseat to the bookmaking, so I'm hoping to at least accomplish a little in that arena to stock up the shop before the holidays.

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